Kunstwinder Ferris Wheel Gold Watch Winder

Kunstwinder on “The International Man”

The International Man has decided to showcase Kunstwinder in their Top 30 luxury brands for watch winders. TIM is a very well known reference when it comes to luxury brands across the board, including, of course, watch winders. In this Top 30 Watch Winder list we see brands that have been recognized for their ability to produce great […]

Kunstwinder partnership with watchwinder.com

A few days ago WatchWinders.com dedicated an article on their blog to Kunstwinder. This blog post marks only the first step in our partnership though… We are happy to announce that Kunstwinder watch winders will soon be available for purchase on watchwinders.com! We believe this agreement will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Kunstwinder, by having such a […]

The Colors of Onyx Collection

Onyx is a gemstone known for its parallel bands and streaks of color, usually black or white. Black onyx is the most well-known color variety, but most black onyx available on the market is artificially colored. Onyx also occurs naturally in beige, red (known as sardonyx), and green. Onyx has a long history in jewelry, […]